Essay on The Negative Effects Of Facebook On Relationships

Essay on The Negative Effects Of Facebook On Relationships

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The Negative Effects of Facebook on Relationships
In today’s generation, one can see the issues that are causing most people to live miserable. One of the greatest issues is that not everyone values what he or she has the same way others do. It is good to be on social media to explore the social world with others, but there are people who tend to share their private relationships’ information on social media. For example, updating their statuses on Facebook on a regular basis can lead to so much, which can be classified in three categories below. Young people should be cautious with Facebook because of the negative effects that it has on their relationships such as criticism, jealousy, and bad reputation.
Since Facebook has become one of the most popular social network, a lot of people have been distracted and addicted to it, by posting about their relationships with others as well as private relationships. The foremost criticisms of online social networking are that students may open themselves to public scrutiny of their online personas and risk physical safety by revealing excessive personal information. Criticisms appear in different ways that can cause a person to feel low about themselves. Sometimes people criticized another person just because he or she is making more progress than the other. Self-criticism mediates the relationship between perceived lack of emotional support and depression. This is a negative effect on those who are not thinking before they do something because dealing with other criticism can lead to depression, and self-criticism. For example, most people will post daily about what he or she is doing during the day, which really should be kept to themselves because there are others who will be criticiz...

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...o learn how to appreciate what they have. It is not okay to wait till that is gone in order to start appreciating it. There are people out there who are looking for a relationship, but when they can see that one is not being a responsible, grown, and mature young adult to know not to post certain private information online, and then this will lead to a corrupt reputation. Also, a great example of how criticism can affect one’s relationship is that the person will be judged by others too much because if anything goes wrong in a relationship, but it is going online immediately then that can lead to self-criticism, which can lead to a depression. Finally, the hope is that there will be more young adults who will be more responsible of their actions that will take a step forward to know that there are consequences that come with what he or she is posting on social media.

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