The Negative Effect Of Prejudice On Interpersonal Relationships Within Adolescent Peer Groups

The Negative Effect Of Prejudice On Interpersonal Relationships Within Adolescent Peer Groups

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Human beings form prejudices against others, individually, and against groups of people every day. Outside influences tend to be the reason why prejudices and stereotypes are generally formed. Most of these opinions come from negative attitudes, generalizations, and incomplete or misinformation. One of the largest groups of people that are continually under attack is the LGBT, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. It is important to educate and communicate with people who have prejudices against this group so that they have a better understanding of who they are. Studies have been conducted and show that people do have preconceived notions and prejudices against this community and the negative effects it has on individuals and the group as a whole. The articles, The Negative Effects of Prejudice on Interpersonal Relationships Within Adolescent Peer Groups, You Gay, Bro? Social Costs Faced by Male Confronters of Anitgay Prejudice, and Reducing Heterosexuals’ Prejudice Toward Gay Men and Lesbian Women via an Induced Cross-Orientation Friendship are different studies that have been conducted which demonstrate how a person’s sexual orientation is perceived by the public and the misconceptions brought upon them.
The Negative Effects of Prejudice on Interpersonal Relationships Within Adolescent Peer Groups (2015) is a study by Poteat, Mereish, and Birket, which focuses on the relationships and dynamics of adolescent peer groups and whether negative attitudes towards gay and lesbian individuals effect the group. “Peers have an important role in socializing attitudes and behaviors during adolescence as individuals come to spend more time with their peers. Holding prejudices attitudes and affiliation with prejudi...

... middle of paper ..., as well as longer responses and displays of friendliness immediately following the disclosure of sexual orientation” (Lytle & Levy, 2015, p. 452). Some of the limitations were only white people were used for the experiment and many of the participants revealed in the pre- study questioner that they already had low sexual orientation prejudices. A change in the study that could be beneficial would be to have face-to-face conversations so the setting would be more intimate.
It is only natural for human beings to assert some prejudices against others, especially when not all the proper information or education is present. Unfortunately, the LGBT communities suffer from negative attitudes, stereotypes, and are widely misperceived. These three studies show the misconceptions that people have towards others whose sexual orientation is different from their own.

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