The Negative Effect Of Facebook On Our Society Essay

The Negative Effect Of Facebook On Our Society Essay

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The influx of social media has had a negative effect on our generation. Social media usage has been the most prevalent way to communicate in this generation. While entertaining, the negative consequences of using Facebook outweigh the positive. The popularity in Facebook has impacted adolescence negatively with concerns such the rise of cyber bullying, friends’ posts that affect our mood, which make it seem like their lives are better than ours. Also, despite their claims of bringing people together, Facebook is actually fostering the development of an anti-social society. In this essay, I plan to argue the negative effects of Facebook and why introducing Facebook into our society was a poor decision.
Facebook alters the whole concept of cyber-bullying. This social networking system has provided people with a new platform in social media to communicate with strangers, friends, and family in a unique and innovative way. The arrival of Facebook brought upon issues, mainly in schools with the concern of cyber-bullying. In the book, “Cyber Bullying: Issues and Solutions for the School, the Classroom and the Home” Shaheen Shariff indicates that, “As more teens join Facebook, this social networking site has run into problems relating to high school and middle school students posting anti-authority cyber-expressions about teachers, classmates, and school officials” (Shariff 2008, 37). This quote interprets how cyber-bullying through Facebook can target anyone, and can be just as harmful to any individual of any race, gender, or age. The quote explains how Facebook has caused a rise in bullying by giving young teenagers another platform of media available to them, causing more occurrences of cyber-bullying. The penalty of this results in...

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...dings, meaning basic social skills such as going out in public, talking to people, or experiencing a job interview can become challenging for us.
To conclude, Facebook has altered our society in a way where the negative impacts such as anti-socialism, and cyber bullying outweigh the benefits. Facebook has overall made humans become more alienated, which makes us more anti-social in reality. I do not suggest that we should completely deprive from Facebook, I think that we should approach Facebook with caution, and keep in mind that Facebook is only one form of communication. Face-to-face social interactions should still be frequently used. Without face-to-face interactions, our society would become more secluded leading to more cases of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. We take Facebook for granted and assume it only benefits us when it actually harms civilization.

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