Negative Aspects of The Iraq War Essay

Negative Aspects of The Iraq War Essay

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By attacking Iraq, the United States has shown that they are no better than the villain Saddam Hussein. The assaults on Iraq were criminal and wicked acts while they were also unjust and unnecessary.
In an attempt to overthrow Hussein and end his cruel reign of terror, the US sent in an armed military force. Since the beginning of the war, there have been over 3334 military fatalities for the US alone. The US has caused as many, if not more, civilian deaths in Iraq than Hussein did, and in the process we have lost many of our soldiers, in addition to the twenty-six thousand wounded. As England and many other countries try to help us with our fruitless quest, they also lose their soldiers. Not only may soldiers be hurt physically, the images they see in Iraq haunt them forever mentally.
Our country had a huge surplus of money before the war started, but now we are in a colossal deficit. This is due to the fact that there were immense funds involved, therefore depriving every one of our country?s inhabitants of the money that is rightfully theirs.
It is true that Hussein ruled tyr...

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