Essay about The Negative Aspects of Technology

Essay about The Negative Aspects of Technology

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In today’s society, mankind is becoming too dependent on technology, because it is taking over the minds of many individuals; it is completely changing life as we know it. People are relying too much on technological devices for simple everyday tasks. Because of technology, we have forgotten how to live. Children do not play outside anymore; they lack the ability to use their imagination. It is also proven that too much technology including video games, or violent cartoons can cause your child to have behavioral problems. Technology has made many aspects of life much easier. However, society revolves around the flashing screen of computers and other technological sources like smart phones and tablets. For example, dating, Many people all over the world have had failed relationships and have nearly given up, causing them to turn to the internet to find a significant other. Today, it is unfathomable to go even 24 hours without accessing the internet.
The internet’s functionalities are great and endless, but it also has a great impact on society with much negativity. There is an extremely high percentage of young children getting these devices from their parents and that greatly impacts their lifestyle. They do not have the willpower to even remove their eyes from a screen long enough to go outdoors, not even for a second. It is said that technology is an increasingly significant reason for obesity. “In the United States, where investment in communication technologies is the highest in the world, the result has become a rate of obesity that, at 34%, also leads the world.” (Healy). RUN-ON: Growing up we did not have today’s latest technology, we only knew about going outside and playing until dark and coming in the house covered in ...

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... changing life as we know it, and people are relying too much on technological devices for simple everyday tasks. Modern technology brings us great benefits, but using it the wrong way can also give many negative results. The more technology advances, the more it seems to have control over our lives. As technology is increasing, the human mind is decreasing.

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