Essay on Negative And Positive Implications Of The Cow 's Chance Of Survival

Essay on Negative And Positive Implications Of The Cow 's Chance Of Survival

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There can be both negative and positive implications that affect the cow’s chance of survival, the population’s survival and impact on the human species. Using the gene knockdown could cause implications for the cow itself and for the development of the new BLG-free population.
Implication on future generation
Not a lot is known on the effect on the cow by removing the BLG protein from the milk, whether it is a necessary protein in the development of a calves growth is also still unknown and may just be a problem for the survival of the future generation of cow’s, when the 1-2% of protein is still made it may not be great enough to help a calves growth as it is too small for a human to detect, this could prove to be an issue. The calves may not be able to grow properly, this might cause problems for their reproduction of milk causing them to be less favoured by consumers. This may cause a cycle of problems as the calve that was unable to get enough of the BLG protein, may have weaker immune systems or even weaker milk production, causing any calves they have to have the same problem.
Implication on the cow species
Daisy the genetically modified cow was kept under a strict living space/time. She lived indoors so she was able to be studied and had no other interaction with other normal cow’s, this is humans driving evolution by selecting traits that suit our needs over the possible needs of a cow – this could cause populations to die or become rare in an effort to stay in their herds or fight against nature. Nurturing these genetically modified cows under artificial environments from other cows could cause divergent evolution as the cows would be away from their original heard. Also, in a different environment they ...

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...ulation/species. Biodiversity is when a group of organisms have been cloned from a single individual, this means they all they the same genetic material causing genetic variation within the population to be extremely limited. When the variation within a population is reduced and a new disease is introduced, if affected the population will all die out together (as they all have same genetic information) and there will be no survivors to repopulate. The common banana is a great example of this. All bananas of today are cloned by humans so there are no seeds in them, this is called a sterile. This was produced when an old species of banana (Gros Michel) was wiped out by soil fungus. Something like this could happen if an entire herd of clones were produced from Daisy were vulnerable to a disease or virus, which would cause a mass extinction on all non BLG producing cows.

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