The Need For Living Learning Communities Essay

The Need For Living Learning Communities Essay

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The reviewed literature will explain the need for living learning communities (LLC 's), what aids in making them successful, how they help with retention rates, and highlight some of the best practices used to keep students interested in the program.

History & Purpose
Living learning communities started out as learning communities in the early colonial days. During this time British culture and intellect was thought to be a great influence on the new colonies that had recently formed (Chaddock 2008). Under the Oxbridge residential model students were group together and told were they would eat, sleep, when they would go to tutoring, which classes they would attend, and when they had free time. However, during the beginning of the 19th century brought light to the fact that population of students was increasing and the lack of cohesion between academics and residential life in part caused the demise of the Oxbridge residential model (Chaddock 2008).
The start of the 20th century criticizes the function and purpose of the Germanic model to higher education by John Dewey and Alexander Meiklejohn in which is the foundation for living learning communities as we know them today. Dewey believed that students should be actively involved in their learning process. He believed that if a student interactions both inside and outside the classroom with dialogue between faculty and students and not just a monologue from the professor would accomplish it. (Smith, MacGregor, Matthews, Gabelnick 2004). Meiklejohn had a different take on how educational institutions were supposed to function in society. He felt that institutions shouldn 't take sides in what problems were going on in society. Meiklejohn developed core curriculum after...

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...y were getting and education worth their money (Harper, Sax, & Wolf 2012)

Faculty and Student Affairs professionals key roles
The partnership between academic and student affairs is vital in the process of creating successful living learning communities. Students engaging coupled with faculty to student interaction are defining principles in the development of a college student (Chickering and Gamson 1987). Participants in living learning communities benefit from the personal faculty-to student interactions and because of this they are more likely to ask for academic help. These intentional interactions can be over a cup of coffee in the common are located within the residence halls, or a lunch and learn in the cafe. These intentions make the student feel like the faculty actual care about their well-being and not just another number or face. (Endo and Harpel 1982)

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