Essay on The Need For Justice

Essay on The Need For Justice

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The clash between good and evil perpetually permeates humanity. Balance of these forces through equality and tranquility is a goal sought after to amend injustice. Impartiality creates balance within a society. In addition, fairness through the application of law is a cornerstone of countless civilizations. The members of civilizations taught moralities through the tenets of religion heavily influence their integrity. The many manifestations and interpretations of righteousness confirm the eternal goal of civilization to do good unto others. Justice restores and perpetuates humanity’s high moral standing.
Justice means doing benevolent actions for the betterment of humanity. Justice is defined as the “maintenance of legal, social, or moral principles by the exercise of authority or power; assignment of deserved reward or punishment” (Brown 1466). The presence of justice sustains the moral values present in society. The word justice originated in 1140 and it has not changed in spelling nor has it changed in meaning over time. Justice comes from the French word justise, meaning upright and equitable (Barnhart 409). Upright, also means a structural column which holds what is above it. This is similar to justice, that is like a pillar that supports civilization and it is necessary for the functioning of society. Likewise, equity is necessary in order to achieve fairness . The law, a common synonym for justice, maintains order and regulation (Urdang 250). This synonym echoes the other ideas linked with justice. All of these meanings are necessary to have an ideal society with the presence of justice.
Since mankind’s inception, man has always seen the need for justice. Civilization and government use justice as a platform for their ex...

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...hat are you in here for?
Red: Murder, same as you.
Andy Dufresne: Innocent?
Red: [shakes his head] Only guilty man in Shawshank.
Red is the only guilty man in the prison because he is the only one with the decency to feel remorse for his bad past actions. His long tenure in prison has led him to change his past ways and become a better person. Red demonstrates justice by realizing he has done something wrong and trying to better himself by helping Andy survive and eventually escape from prison.
Justice is the universal protector of all. It is the rock that upholds the decency of mankind. Democracy derives from justice; it is its’ only prerequisite. Protecting against inequality, justice ensures social and political egalitarianism. Justice safeguards the minority from the oppression of the majority. When justice prevails mankind can reach an equilibrium.

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