Essay about The Need for Health Care Reform

Essay about The Need for Health Care Reform

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It is time for our government to take a step away from war and look to meeting the needs of their own citizens. The need for health care reform is more evident than ever. The recession of America has caused many people hardship due to many lay-offs and the fact that insurance premiums have risen drastically. Many families are not receiving the health care that they require due to these circumstances. It affects not only the young, but the senior citizens as well. Many people do not qualify for the already present government health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Changes need to be made immediately in order for all Americans to be able to afford insurance. These situations are causing the American public unneeded emotional stress. The lack of medical care is causing many deaths that could have been evaded with the proper medical attention. It is time to start spending money where it is needed. Our citizens are crying out for help when it comes to their medical needs, but is anyone listening?

The Need for Health Care Reform
Our economy is in recession. Many people are looking for jobs that are just not available. Many people have been laid off and are relying on unemployment benefits to provide for their families. So many others are barely scraping by. One major disadvantage of this recession is the fact that many American families have no means to provide health care to their loved ones. These people are “praying that nothing will happen to their health or to the health of their children” (Faris, 1999). Privatized insurance companies have prices that are far beyond their reach, and many do not qualify for Medicaid. What if there was a public option health care that all Americans could a...

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...nst a government run health care program. They say that privatized insurance companies may fail because they will lose their clients to the lower cost public option. They are also worried that doctors will become underpaid and will leave the program. This means that citizens will not have as many providers to choose from (Pickert, 2009). This is not about money. This is about the lives and the health of American citizens.
We have put our money into a war to help the people of other countries for too long. It is time to take care of our own. The people of this country need health care. We have got to take care of the senior citizens that have worked to keep this country running. We have got to take care of our youth who will take the place of our senior citizens. It is time for change. Let’s keep American running smooth by keeping citizens healthy.

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