Essay on The Need for Gay Marriage Equality

Essay on The Need for Gay Marriage Equality

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I think that gay marriages should be allowed in this country and that gay people should have the same exact rights as straight people. Gay marriage really has nothing to do with the bible or religion, all because it says something about it being wrong in the bible does not make it true. People’s rights should not be based on a book. Because the same book said that owning slaves is OK as long as you don’t kill them. People just seem to make it their business of what other people do, why do you care?

Gay people are even victim to hate crimes. One time on June 24, 1973, some guys burned down a bar filled with gay people and they killed 29 people in that fire. Sounds like something you would go to jail for, right? Well they found tons of evidence for the crime but they never bothered to go further in this case. Some people think that’s because people found out that the 29 dead people were gay so they just did not care. One of the survivors in the fire was a teacher who got fired because they found out he was in the bar. Why are people so worried about this when there are more serious things happening in the world. Children are dying every day because they have no food, pollution is getting worse, and there are still wars going on.

Most young voters say that same-sex marriage equality is a given to society. Even some of the people that are against it that are not stubborn say that they will eventually lose. The first known article about gay people and marriages was in 1989. The idea was relatively new at the time and it spread fast, but everyone was all like “WAAAAAHH you talkin’ ‘bout.” But the reason that it spread so fast was because people thought was it as an obvious idea.

America changed, first we made Women’...

... middle of paper ... marriages typically also have lower divorce rates than regular couples. If someone that is not a part of a religion is being forced by religious people that they can not marry is that not also a form of being forced to worship a religion? How would we feel if some religion or someone else forced their beliefs onto us? We probably would not feel that great so why do we do this to gay people? All they want is to have the right to marry I do not think that, that is too much to ask for. As a nation, I think we have no right to take away the privilege of marriage from two people who wish to commit to a relationship with whom they love. Society has come a long way from the days of illegal interracial marriage. However intolerance still exists for many minority groups. Legalizing same sex marriage would be taking a step closer to a nation free from prejudice.

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