Essay about The Need For Civil Disobedience

Essay about The Need For Civil Disobedience

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To grasp the meaning of Civil Disobedience one would have to say that it means the refusal to obey the civil laws so that the government can change the policy or legislation, characterized by the use of.
I have read Thoreau’s essay on civil disobedience and the obligation that your conscience mind follows and in reading this it states that people should not let the governments overrule or atrophy their consciences and that we as people are obligated to not allow the government to make them agents of any type of injustice. (Thoreau, 1849)
Thoreau had allot of versions of what people went through with slavery and also what he thought about civil disobedience. Civil Disobedience is wrong in so many ways. Thoreau describes it as being one of the most influential political tracts that he has ever written. (McElroy, 1999)
Thoreau who many have known as a great writer, philosopher, poet, and also a practical man, has taught in a way that a he would allow himself to practice. (Gandhi, 1979)
Thoreau also stated that civil disobedience is something that your conscious follows it is the difference between right and wrong, and what you are morally obligated to do.
Civil Disobedience
In this article activists converged on a state liquor store on August 20, 2010 to redress grievances regarding the insanity of prohibition. Pointing out the irony of the state controlling the right to buy liquor and marijuana in the state. (Outreach, 2010) They are protesting in a nonviolent way because people should have the right to buy liquor and they legalize that, but they won’t legalize medicinal marijuana. When the people need this drug for their health; the main problem is that they have this liquor store right on the highway that allows...

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... Walker
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