Essay about The Need for a Well Organized Response to Cyber Attack

Essay about The Need for a Well Organized Response to Cyber Attack

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Recent cyber-attacks witnessed in the Republic of Korea on March 20th and subsequently on 25 June 2013, which affected financial institutions and newspapers, have highlighted the need for a well organized response to cyber-attacks. Cyber-at- tacks (and their response) cross the boundaries of public and private sector. Depending on the likely motivation attacks may require a response from: the police; regulatory authorities or, in the most serious cases, military and intelligence. The sharing of information between such entities is increasingly seen as important.

Concerns about cyber-security are widely held. In its 2012 survey of senior decisionmakers in the public and private sector the World Economic Forum (WEF), found that cyber-security was ranked especially high by respondents as a technological risk being of global importance.1 In 2011, Norton, part of the Symantec multinational cyber-security firm, estimated the total cost of cyber-crime to be worth US$338bn per year.2 Outages in the submarine infrastructure off the coast of Egypt resulted in a severe degradation of internet speeds across many countries in the Middle East and parts of Asia.3

In this issue brief 4 the results of three research projects gathering empirical evidence regarding information sharing 5 are discussed, drawing lessons relevant to the situation in the Republic of Korea.

Policy Mechanisms in the Republic of Korea
Perhaps understandably, the approach taken by the Republic of Korea is of a top down nature with the Blue House taking the lead in efforts since the attacks earlier in 2013. The Blue House has responsibility for response whilst he NIS (National Intelligence Service) co-ordinates the actual response.6 The 2008 Korean Defence White Paper id...

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...n of information with an expectation of reciprocity.

Such transactions may include different types of information. Examples include:

Technical information such as IP addresses, security telemetry, network traffic or Indicators of Compromise (IoC) describing technical aspects about an incident;
Threat relevant data: involving either a possibility of the type of attacker (nation state; criminal enterprise) or the type of attack vector used;12
Vulnerabilities can cover: either a specific product or service or an organisation’s policies and procedures;
Experience of attacks; incidents and mitigations: anecdotal evidence from examples suggested that in a trusted forum, organisations may be willing to inform each other of security incidents affecting their operations; the impacts and what was done to resolve it (for example specific technical or procedural steps taken).

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