The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant

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The necklace is a story written with the intent of the combination of greed, vanity, forbidden desire and wealth. It was written by a famous writer named Guy De Maupassant. The talented writer was born in 1850 and died in 1893. Because of his unique style, he was considered one of the best and most famous writers in the 19th century. Mr. Maupassant succeeded in writing 30 volumes, 300 stories, traveling books, articles and poems. Today, I felt fortunate to have read one of the many short stories by Maupassant called “The Necklace,” which was written in 1884. In my opinion, the story was written to such great perfection that it captivated my interest. It was far more than I expected in a short story.
Throughout the story, it talked about a woman named Mathilde. She was overpowered with discontent of her situation in society and wanted more than she could afford. She daydreamed about the pleasures of life and grieved about how little she had. Her husband was a clerk in the ministry of education, who was contented with their situation. They did not have a lot of money but in his heart, it was enough. Her husband noticed there that she was not happy, and with love and good intent, he brought home an invitation to a party which was exclusive to the affluent society. He was hoping it will cheer her up not knowing to them that invitation would change their life for every. At this point in the story, I thought that Mathilde was very lucky to have a husband who will go the extra yard to make her happy. My husband will sometimes go the extra yard to please me but I make sure he knows that I appreciate it.
Mathilde husband did not get the reaction that he hoped to get. Instead she was bitter and began to complain that she had nothing to wear. A tactic used by her hopping that her husband will offer her the money he was saving up to purchase a gun. Without second thought he gave it to her but that was not enough, she wanted more. She began to complain that she needs jewelry with the outfit. Her husband suggested borrowing one from her wealthy friends. Mathilde then borrowed a necklace which was just breathtaking to her from a very close friend named Mrs. Forrestier. She was finally contented and the couple went to the party.

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Mathilde had the time of her life. She interacted with the people of the upper class and felt just like them. As a matter of fact, she was the center of attraction. She received numerous amount of comments on the necklace and her beauty and that made her night just a fairly tale. It was like a Cinderella story. The evening came to an end, and she was brought back to reality. They took a cab home where Mathilde realized that she had lost the necklace. And the nightmare began. I thought Mathilde finally got to live the life she wanted for one night. The only time I felt like that was on my wedding day and I felt good. I did not want the day to end and I am sure that was exactly how she felt.
Her husband went out that early morning looking for the necklace and returned home disappointed and worried. He then suggested that she should not tell her friend just yet; instead, try finding one exactly like the lost necklace. He gave up his inheritance and borrowed money to replace the necklace. In doing so, they managed to put themselves deeply in debt and they sadly had to move to a less expensive and smaller place. Instead of moving up in the world like Mathilde dreamed of, she was doing quite the opposite. For ten years the couple worked hard to repay the debt. Mathilde looks were not as breathtaking any more, her attitude changed towards her dream life she was no longer materialistic. This, in my opinion was a horrible situation to put her husband through. If only she was just contented with want she had. But the story shows how deeply her husband loved her. I also think the demotion made her a stronger woman. Her desire to be like the well heeled society changed with time and the debts were finally paid off.
One day, while walking on the beach, Mathilde saw her friend Mrs. Forrestier who she hasn’t seen for the ten years. Mrs. Forrestier did not recognize her because of the hardship she went through changed her appearance so much. She then told Mrs. Forrestier about the necklace and the hardship she encountered to replace the lost necklace.
The story then unravels a surprising ending when Mrs. Forrestier stated that the necklace was a fake! I had a lot of questions at this point when she mentioned that. I wondered how many of Mrs. Forrestier jewelry was actually real? Was she trying extra hard to keep up her status with an illusion of wealth? Maupassant skillful writing really revealed itself when he ended the story that way and left the rest to the reader’s imagination. I personally think that the necklace should be returned to Mathilde. It is rightfully hers and it will be the humane thing to do. I only hope that she realized that her husband went the extra yard to make her happy no matter what the consequences were. He gave up a lot to help protect her pride. Mathilde husband asked for nothing from her, but she asked for so much and he gave willingly. Now that’s love!
This story is a perfect example that greed, selfishness, and the unwillingness to be contented with what you have, can lead you down a bad path. I really enjoyed the story and it strengthened my belief for contentment with my life and the path it is leading. Sometimes it is hard to see the things you have when it is staring right in your face.
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