The Necessity Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

The Necessity Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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The Necessity of Nuclear Weapons
The world we live in is filled with many beautiful things. From waterfalls and forests to the pyramids and the himalayan mountains. Some of which are man made, but man has also been part of making some very terrible things. Us as a human race have caused and keep causing wars from the beginning of our existence. What has always been prominent in every war man starts is our ability to keep advancing and improving our technology. We have gone from sticks and rocks to bow and arrows and to guns and bombs. But we are getting to point where we must stop and wonder if the technology we are creating has gone too far and to powerful to contain or use in wars against each other.

Topic #1
How nuclear weapons are made
Topic Sentence/Transition
Nuclear warheads that do so much damage do not come cheap. Especially because we are making them bigger and better with every new one.“In 2015, the United States has an estimated 7,300 nuclear weapons, but the average annual per-unit cost is about $1.8 million—a 500 percent increase in per-warhead cost.” (Wellen, Russ.)
Now in order to understand how nuclear weapons are made you need to understand how they work and produce so much energy. They produce energy by using element plutonium-239. This element is relatively unstable and will “split” when neutrons are shot at it. When it splits it creates nuclear energy and also shoots off more neutrons. So if you have a ball of plutonium-239 and shoot some neutrons at it one atom of the plutonium will react and start a chain reaction with the rest of the atoms cause a massive build up nuclear energy within a small area.
“Although the heavy uranium isotope uranium-238 will not sustain a chain reaction, it ...

... middle of paper ...

... off and it consists of gamma rays and neutrons. They can go straight through any material as long as it is less than a few feet thick and this is why they are dangerous.
Intro to research


Analysis of research

Topic #3
Who Has nukes
Topic Sentence/Transition
Countries and when they got them
We were the first country to test (july 1945) and produce Nuclear weapons but then four years later The Russians followed with their own nuclear testing along with the British, France, and China. When the United States found out that others were producing and did not want the amount of nukes to climb to high they made the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1968 and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) in 1996.
Countries attempting

Why Have them and why so many?
How Many are active
Intro to research
Analysis of research


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