The Necessity of Automated Fingerprint Identification System in Law Enforcement

The Necessity of Automated Fingerprint Identification System in Law Enforcement

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Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) in law enforcement and border control applications has heightened the need for ensuring that these systems are not compromised. While several issues related to fingerprint system security have been investigated, including the use of fake fingerprints for masquerading identity, the problem of fingerprint alteration or obfuscation has received very little attention. Fingerprint obfuscation refers to the deliberate alteration of the fingerprint pattern by an individual for the purpose of masking his identity. Several cases of fingerprint obfuscation have been reported in the press. Also NFIQ algorithm used to evaluate the large database of altered fingerprints .further we proposed NFIQ2.0 algorithm to examine the fingerprint. This algorithm has following the steps1.improve the quality of image (fingerprint) from the database 2. Convert them into high quality fingerprint. Then the process similar to NFIQ. This result shows the feasibility of the proposed NFIQ2.0 approach in detecting altered fingerprint.
Fingerprint recognition has been successfully used bylaw enforcement agencies to identify suspects andvictims for almost 100 years. Recent advances in automatedfingerprint identification technology, coupled with thegrowing need for reliable person identification, have
resulted in an increased use of fingerprints in bothgovernment and civilian applications such as bordercontrol, employment background checks, and secure facilityaccess.The success of fingerprint recognition systems in accurately identifying individuals has prompted some individuals to engage in extreme measures for the purpose of circumventing these systems. The primary purpose of fingerprint alterati...

... middle of paper ... prompted some individuals to take extrememeasures to evade identification by altering their fingerprints. The problem of fingerprint alteration or obfuscationis very different from that of fingerprint spoofing, where an individual uses a fake fingerprint in order to adopt theidentity of another individual. While the problem of spoofing has received substantial attention in the literature,the problem of obfuscation has not been addressed in the biometric literature, in spite of numerous documented casesof fingerprint alteration for the purpose of evading identification. While obfuscation may be encountered withother biometric modalities (such as face and iris), thisproblem is especially significant in the case of fingerprintsdue to the widespread deployment of AFIS in bothgovernment and civilian applications and the ease withwhich fingerprints can be obfuscated.

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