Neat vs. Sloppy People Essay

Neat vs. Sloppy People Essay

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Are neat people inferior to sloppy people? This question’s answer will differ depending on the type of person you ask. According to Britt in her essay, “Neat people vs. sloppy people”, the answer is yes. She uses certain qualities, such as oral description to differentiate neat people and sloppy people, how neat people are lazier, and how neat people are wasteful. Her qualities help explain to the readers why she thinks that her answer is true.
One quality Britt uses in her essay is oral description, to tell her readers how neat people and sloppy people are in her eyes. In one example, Britt tells her readers, “Neat people are lazier and meaner than sloppy people.” (Britt 233) Britt also uses verbal description to support her essay when she writes, “Sloppy people aren’t really sloppy. Their sloppiness is merely the unfortunate consequence of their extreme moral rectitude.” (233) One last example Britt uses this quality, to make neat people inferior to sloppy people, is when she states, “Neat people are bums and clods at heart. They have cavalier attitudes toward pos...

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