NCAA Football: A True Champion Essay

NCAA Football: A True Champion Essay

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When will the sport of college football ever crown a deserving BCS
National Champion? NCAA Division 1-A football differs from all other collegiate level sports in that it caps its season with a Bowl Championship Series game, instead of a playoff system designed to determine a champion. Instead, college football institutes a system of polls combined with various computer formulas that determine the top-two teams in the country, who then compete in a major bowl game to decide the eventual champion. Fair play and parallel opportunities shape the cultural aspect of American values- values that also play a role in college football. A playoff system adds excitement and unpredictability to a post-season tournament, erases the subjectivity of BCS polls, and crowns a national champion determined solely by performance, where a BCS system guarantees tradition and sacredness of college football, fills stadium seating, boosts TV ratings, and reduces a taxing regular season.
A gaping hole in what seems like the impenetrable playoff system wall emerges as a dragging football season for the players. The rigorous playoff system would extend a taxing thirteen-week regular season by at least a whole month, which conflicts with athletes' class studies and could potentially introduce more injuries from playing. A BCS bowl system grants preparation time for students taking final exams in December, and also shrinks the cost of cross-country travel that also cuts into class and study times, as along with additional extracurricular activities. Bart Starr of the Green Bay Packers had his share of injuries in college from extraneous practices at the University of Alabama. He reveals "his promising first two years at Alabama were eclipsed by a severe bac...

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... acknowledged sport of NCAA college football.

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