Essay on NCAA Atheltics: Young Money

Essay on NCAA Atheltics: Young Money

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To pay or not to pay, that is the question. This question, one of disparity, confronts the NCAA all the time today. Football and basketball players generate billions of dollars in revenue for their schools but do not receive any. College athletes cannot be paid because of the “no pay” rules and the “Principle of Amateurism.” The NCAA will not have to deal with as many rule violations and scandals. Plus, the NCAA could still label an amateurism principle without actually crossing the line with professionalism. Because athletes are focusing solely on sports and have no time to do anything else, athletes need money to support themselves. Not only does the school acquire revenue from ticket sales, apparel and sponsorships, but it becomes more exalted and prestigious as athletes help their schools win championships. Social lives, possible futures and academics are pushed aside so athletes can be a part of a high-caliber team competing for a championship. In the end, not all athletes become professionals. When athletes succeed, they potentially give their schools millions more dollars and thousands more students. The NCAA should change its “no pay” rules based on its archaic “Principle of Amateurism.”
If the rules are changed, the NCAA does not have to deal with scandals that infringe their “no pay” rules. One of the main points of the “no pay” rules is that athletes may not accept pay in any form from that sport, accept a promise of future pay or receive any form of future assistance. If the NCAA changes the rules, student athletes would be able to receive money and performance-based bonuses they work hard to earn from their schools, boosters, and other third parties. Consequently, the number of federal laws and NCAA rules broken e...

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...g class in the nation because of their prominence. If all schools were of the same echelon of prominence, athletes then would be applying at a school based on location. The prestige alone should serve as an enticement to allocate money among players.
To pay or not to pay - that is now a straightforward and simplistic question. College athletes clearly deserve to be compensated or at least be allowed to receive money in any form. The NCAA and college athletes would greatly benefit if the “Principle of Amateurism” changed. If the “Principle of Amateurism” is changed, the NCAA will have to deal with fewer indignities, college athletes can still be considered amateurs while receiving endorsements, and universities would have to fairly give money to players that make them prominent. The “no pay” rules, based on the archaic “Principle of Amateurism,” should be altered.

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