Essay on The Nazis And The Nazi Regime

Essay on The Nazis And The Nazi Regime

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In The Book Thief the Nazi Regime played a main role in the story and they were the main contributors to the book burning that went on during the time. The Nazi regime were a greatly feared force in Europe and later on the rest of the world from 1933 to 1945. They had many methods and strategies and had a lot of knowledge on how to get into the position that they got into. Hitler was their main leader and influence to get the power that they had. Book burnings were very important in their beliefs. It was used for many things like celebrating and control. The Nazi regime was one of the most powerful enemies that anybody has ever faced. The United States have been the most powerful and they still are the most powerful today.
Hitler and his Nazi regime were very controlling and powerful at this time. To have this much power, Hitler and his Nazi army had to be in control of a lot of things. Things that they controlled were the people, the government by controlling the national and local government this way he could pass votes without any resistance, they would control religion by limiting the power the church had on people because religion can be a very powerful thing and give people hope and it can make them want to revolt, how they controlled culture was by putting their symbol everywhere so that there wouldn’t be personal freedom with expression of clothes and art, if the people were working all the time they would be too tired and exhausted to want to do anything else but rest, the youth and the things that the children were taught and the things that they learned and if they were taught from a young age that the Nazi regime was the one and only way to live they wouldn’t question it because it is the norm for them, they would pu...

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...ntrol, inhumane acts, book burnings and Hitler himself. Hitler didn’t die until 1945. Once the allies took over Germany they outlawed the Nazi party and did everything they could to free all of the people from the concentration camps and try to help as many people as they could. All of Hitler’s generals and anybody else associated with the Nazi party were convicted of war crimes which were called the Nuremberg trials which happened over 4 years from 1945 to 1949. By the time everything was over more than 6 million Jews were murdered in the concertation camps and many more would have died if the allies hadn’t saved them. All of the book burnings that took place ruined the future of a lot of great pieces of literature and future possibilities that some people could have had, but during the time period and the situation it was required and acceptable to do these things.

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