Essay on Nazi Scientists and Doctors

Essay on Nazi Scientists and Doctors

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This essay will explore the role Nazi scientists and doctors played in the labeling of Jews as “different” during the Holocaust. Some of Germany’s most renowned medically trained professionals and biomedical research institutions engaged in forms of research using slave labor, dissection, extermination, euthanasia programs, sterilizations which pushed the boundaries of moral behehavior and medicine to prove Jews are inferior human beings to Germans. Approximately six million Jews died during the Holocaust. Hitler’s master plan to cleanse
Germany of Jews was not just performed by policemen and Germany military, but also was in the deadly hands of physicians who controlled the life and death of prisoners. One such infamous PhD professor from Munich, Josef Mengele, was known as the “Angel of Death”.
Mengele’s “medical experiments” performed at Auschwitz were cruel beyond belief. (1)
During the Holocaust there were different types of concentration camps where innocent Jews went to suffer and die. There were death camps, huge prisons and killing centers. During the Holocaust, the most famous concentration camp was located at Auschwitz. Systemic gassing of Jews began at Auschwitz in March of 1942. (2) It is unimaginable to the human mind that these death camps existed. Not only did they exist and operate like well-oiled machines, the amount of concentration camps is mind numbing which shows the determination of Germany’s destruction of Jews. The variety of camps which included: labor, death, cold experiments, and work related, to name a few, totaled 10,005. “There were 52 main concentration camps, which had a total of 1,202 satellite camps. Auschwitz, by itself, with its 50 satellite camps, had 7,000 guards among...

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...e annihilation of the

Jews was a provision for the recovery of the world, and Germany”. And Dr. Jacob R.

Understood Mengele as an SS mystic who believed that “if all the Jews were annihilated,

victory would come of itself “.

Unlike most SS doctors, Mengele was a true ideologue: a man who understood his life

to be in the service of a larger vision. He undoubtedly viewed himself as a Nazi revolutionary,

a man committed to the bold task of remaking his people and ultimately the people of the world.

Mengele exemplified the Nazi biological revolutionary.

For many survivors, Mengele had to come to represent Auschwitz evil that meaning in

Their lives could be restored only by his capture and trial. The way one prisoner doctor put it, “

would like to live to see this trial and then I could die”. **

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