The Nazi Regime As An Elite Power Essay

The Nazi Regime As An Elite Power Essay

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Nations around the world today see The Nazi Regime as an elite power that gained control over the people of Germany through political tactics and propaganda to defeat the Allies. The Ally Nations fail to realize their own propaganda techniques that also influenced a generation to help fund their war. Now, they are being uncovered and exposed for what they are. Audiences now see many posters, flyers, and advertisements with World War II propaganda on them. In 1941, the Canadian government came to Walt Disney and asked for a short timed cartoon to raise war bonds sales, so Walt Disney recreated his classic, “The Three Little Pigs” into, “The Thrifty Pig”. The film was released November 19, 1941 by Walt Disney Productions. Disney used this recreation to promote the people of Canada to conserve their money so more war bonds could be bought by their parents so the “Wolf” will not get them (The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts).
The beginning of the film shows how unwatchful the other European countries are to Hitler 's takeover. The two dancing pigs in the beginning are teasing the third pig for working all day. The two pigs claim that he has “no time to play, and works all day” in their, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” song. The third pig responds with, “You ought’ not to sing and dance, while there 's danger all about. You should get your houses wolf-proof! Bricks like these will keep him out!” He speaks from the top of his home which is made from Canadian War Bond Certificate-bricks. When the other two pigs see the wolf coming closer, they panic. This part of the film is capturing the worlds ‘blind eye’ to the Nazi Powers by showing how the pigs are not afraid of the wolf until he gets near. Only one pig is preparing for t...

... middle of paper ... less is what the sacrifice is. Instead of spending it lend it to your government to help fund the war. At the end it shows the audience what their war certificates turn into; ships, tanks, and planes, all the things needed to win a war, and the audience can give them that. It lastly tells the audience to “Invest In Victory!”
The film makes it purpose very well addressing the people of Canada so they will buy war bonds and support the British government against Nazi, Germany and Hitler. It is very clear through the characters, symbolic images, and the “do you part” ending that makes this film obvious war propaganda. By making this film, Disney makes sure the people are ready to make that sacrifice to spend less so instead can help with the war effort instead. If the people of Canada do not save and lend the government their money then the wolf will come to get them.

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