Nazi Regime And The Soviet Union Essay

Nazi Regime And The Soviet Union Essay

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There are a lot of similarities and differences between the German Nazi Regime under Hitler and the Soviet Union under the leadership of Stalin. When people think about dictators that have done the most damage or had the biggest impact on the world. Hitler and Stalin are usually at the top of the list. Understanding what happened is very important. As the saying goes, if you don’t know your history, you’re doomed to repeat it.
Of course the first thing that is usually brought up is both of their uses in mass violence. Both Germany and the Soviet Union used internment camps. They used “special settlements” for people that were considered different. This included people with physical and mental disabilities, political adversaries, or people from other countries. The Great Terror in the Soviet and The Holocaust in Germany are two big examples.
The Nazi Regime desired ethnic cleansing to let Germans move into cleansed places. The Nazis wanted pure people to be in Germany. The Soviet Union also did ethnic cleansing but was mostly done to remove minorities or those not wanted from important areas.
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Nazi’s used concentration camps. They were designed to concentrate the population of Jews, gays, political figures, etc. and then to systematically kill them in massive numbers. Russian gulags killed many people as well. They were not, however, killing camps. Unlike concentration camps, gulags were also used as a punishment or dissuasion against disobedience. Nazi leaders didn’t threaten Germans with concentration camps. However, many Russians spent their fair share of time or life in a gulag.
Germany and the So...

... middle of paper ... quality items that they took pride in and could sell for whatever cost they saw fit. With the use of factories, things were made more quickly. The good news for people was that it was cheaper and more readily available, but at what cost.
There were many great advance though. Roads and railroads were made and enhanced. This brought villages, cities and other countries closer together than ever. Supplies could get to destinations a lot quicker. I may be grasping at straws but this
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probably helped the relationships of countries. Leaders could meet and get together a lot easier than they had before and probably met more often to discuss important issues.

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