Essay about The Nazi Olympics And The Olympics

Essay about The Nazi Olympics And The Olympics

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The Nazi Olympics

When The International Olympic Committee was deciding where the 1936 Olympic Games should be, no one expected that having the games in Berlin, Germany would bring such a fuss. The Nazi party rose to power two years prior to the olympic games. When the Olympic Committee released that the location of the olympics would be in Berlin, Germany, people weren’t too happy about it. Nazism was known for their racism and harsh ways (“Berlin” ). When the games were announced, countries debated whether or not they should attend. Avery Mononey, the president of the American Olympic Foundation, questioned on whether or not the United States should send a team. Mononey made up his mind and decided to attend the 1936 Olympics, although, not everyone agreed (“The Movement”). There were other boycotts around the world but the United States had the biggest one. Jewish Athletes definitely didn’t want to attend the olympics, because the Nazis was prejudice of the Jews as a group in particular. Ernst Lee Jahncke, was a member of the International Olympic Committee, until he took a public stand on the topic and got ejected from the committee(“The Movement”).The Berlin Olympics in 1936 is well remembered because of the boycott and for the debunking that the Aryans were superior to other races.
The 1936 Olympic Games was held in Berlin, Germany. The games lasted from August 1st-16th. The complex covered over 325 acres of land, that consisted of four stadiums .The Stadiums were surrounded with Nazi flags and symbols (“Berlin”).
This was the first televised or fist live olympic games in history. Germany used Zeppelins/ blimps to quickly send the latest news to nearby European cities. This was also the first olympic games to host ...

... middle of paper ... and violent ways were shown during the olympics. Because of the war being shortly after the olympics, the next two Olympic games were cancelled . Many Heroes and Legends came out on top at the 1936 olympics, and it was a legendary event people will always remember. Where millions of people from all around the world joined together and competed for the bronze, silver, and gold medals.(“The Movement”)
The Nazi olympics was an event that opened everyone 's eyes. This event caused arguments. The Olympics also allowed for the African American athlete Jesse Owens to shine and become a legend. This also allowed Louis Zamperini that even if you don 't win a gold medal you can still be a
hero. This event was great to start off the war. The Berlin Olympics in 1936 is well remembered because of the boycott and for the debunking that the Aryans were superior to other races.

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