Nazi Media And The Holocaust Essay

Nazi Media And The Holocaust Essay

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The hatred was so strong that even when Germany knew they were about to lose World War II, the Nazis forced death marches at the end of the Holocaust ("The Camps"). They still were trying to kill as many Jews as possible and get rid of the evidence. The camps were eventually liberated by the Soviet Union and the United States ("The Camps"). As coming onto the scene of the camps, the soldiers of the allies were astonished at the treatment the Jews had received; a lot of the soldiers broke down in tears. They taped the environment of the death camps to use as proof to the world what was happening to these people ("The Camps"). Propaganda played a big part in making the Holocaust possible.
The Nazis used propaganda to make the German people believe that Jews were inadequate people, so that they would gain more support. It was hard to make the argument to exterminate the Jewish population in the mass media, so the Nazis distributed it in strongly by using speakers and public meetings (Randall, abstract). The Nazis made sure that only Nazi ideas were discussed on the radio, in newspapers, and in magazines (Shuter, Life and Death in Hitler 's Europe, 12). They put up posters everywhere in Germany to show their ideas. (12). The posters consisted of linking the Jews to all sins, and they said cruel things about them and mocked the Jews (12). Jews were said to have bad blood and were communists (Shuter, Prelude, 17). Jews were called dirty and disease carriers in Nazi propaganda, so the Nazis made it come true by placing the Jews in ghettos (Shuter, Life and Death in Hitler 's Europe, 33). The Nazis dehumanized the Jews as much as they could. Hitler had all Jews wear a yellow Star of David because the propaganda had most peopl...

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...eated some events from the medieval times, but the Holocaust was the attempt of a genocide. Jewish people did not the match the profile that the Nazis and Hitler made them look like in their propaganda. Hitler took advantage of the people, during the Great Depression, to take over Germany and get rid of the Jewish population. Best friends became strangers. Beatings and violence became normal in Germany. The Nazis hid from the truth that the acts committed against the Jews were unhumanitarian. Seeing the reality would have saved millions of lives. Hitler had no conscience and no mercy. No one tried to stop Hitler until the damage was already done. The Holocaust denial movement started with Nazi officials and still happens today (Landesman, Abstract). No one should deny the Holocaust; the Holocaust needs remembered so an event like that never repeats itself.

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