Nazi Killing Squads

Nazi Killing Squads

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How did the Nazis kill so many people ? This question is important because somehow the Nazis managed to kill over 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, the S.S deployed Killing Squads which were characterized by their tactics, important dates,and their impact on the Final Solution.
Killing Squads managed to find a fast killing tactic. This is a crucial part of the topic because figuring out how Killing Squads kill could show why they were able to kill so many Jews, Gypsies, and Communist leaders. Killing Squad were also called death squads,mobile killing units, and Einsatzgruppen. The killing squads were often made of the German S.S and police personnel (USHMM). This means that the killing squads did have some military experience. Killing Squads act swiftly,usually tanking the Jewish population by surprise (USHMM). This is also why they were called mobile killing units. Killing Squads would enter towns and gather the people, usually in vast open areas. Open areas are easier to dig the mass graves that the dead would be put it. After victims gave their valuables to the killing squad and undressed, they were gassed in vans, shot it trenches, or shot in prepared pits (USHMM).People gassed in vans were killed by the carbon monoxide produced by the van because the exhaust pipes were blocked. These research findings reveal the harsh tactics of killing squads. The squads don't care how the Jews died, as long as it was cheap.
There are also a few dates where a huge amount of Jews died. This is important to the topic because it shows the devastation killing squads can cause. During the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941, the killing squads followed the German Army. Their orders were to destroy all Jews, Communist, and Gypsies. “By the end of 1942, over a million Soviet Jews died” (USHMM). This is a very large amount of people to die in only half a year. During the summer of 1942, 137,346 Jews are killed according to S.S Karl Jaegers report. Almost all Jews in small towns in Lithuania are killed. 35,000 survivors are put into forced labor (USHMM). There was no good outcome for the Jews. It was either die or be put into labor. The facts and figures show the massive number of killed Jews. The killings would even be bigger if the time span was to increase.
The presence of the killing squad mad an impact on the Final Solution.

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This is crucial to the topic because it shows how important killing squads were in the Final Solution. The plan of the Final Solution was to kill all Jews. To achieve this goal killing squads were deployed. They were also trained to kill all threats to maintain permanent government (USHMM). The threats included the Communist, Gypsies, and Jews. If the killing squads failed to eliminate these threats, the Nazi government would fall faster. Nazi propaganda and training part of the Final Solution trained squads to view victims as enemies (USHMM). This might explain why they were able to wipe out entire communities without feeling sorrow. About 25% of all Jews who died in the Holocaust died by killing squads (Remember). This means killing squads killed well over 1.5 million Jews. Killing squads did in fact make make an impact on the Final Solution. The facts and figures show just how many people the squads managed to kill.
The deployment of killing squads by the S.S was devastating to Jews. Their tactics were harsh and cheap, the numbers killed were unbelievable, and their impact on the Final Solution was vital. This topic is important because it showed the bad choices individuals made. Joining killing squads means you were part of the killing of over 6 million Jews. It is still relevant today because now people can learn that doing very evil choices is possible in every human being.
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