Nazi Germany and the Annihilation of the Jews Essay example

Nazi Germany and the Annihilation of the Jews Essay example

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During the World War II, Germany was in the middle of the conflict as the state that unleashed it. Many countries were involved in this war, from North Sea to the Black Sea and Nazi Germany conquered and enslaved different countries. Ideology of NSDAP was prevailing and the fascism was spreading throughout the Europe, bringing chaos, destruction and fear among Europeans. However, when some people feared German power and conquer of their state as a result, others were seriously worried about their life. People of second category were mainly Jews, whom Hitler chose as main target for his victimizations. Annihilation of the Jews was so crucial, because Germany was both in economic and social depression after the First World War and Semites played the main role of scapegoats, as every ideology needs an enemy and eagerly fights with it. For Communism it was Capitalism, while Nazi regime chose Jewish people. To refute the popular belief, that is was, substantially, government, who persecuted and annihilated Jewish population, it must be mentioned that the issue of killing Jews was not only about Hitler, but about the majority of German population at that time. Daniel Jonah Goldhagen claims, that murderers were not only SS men or Nazi Party members, but perfectly ordinary Germans from all walks of life, men (and women) who brutalized and murdered Jews both willingly and zealously. And they did so, moreover, not because they were coerced, not because of any tremendous social, psychological, or peer pressure to conform to the behavior of their comrades. They acted as they did because of a widespread, profound, unquestioned, and virulent anti-Semitism that led them to regard the Jews as a demonic enemy whose extermination was not only neces...

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...est is that biggest part of Jews was concentrated in Poland, Soviet Union, Hungary and Romania, preserving their national character and identity. Those Jews who inhabited Western Europe, on the other hand, made up much less from the overall population and usually tended to adopt the culture and traditions of their non-Jewish neighbors. Throughout the whole Europe, Jews could be found everywhere, no matter whether in business or everyday life. No matter of their difference, the period since 1930 was very harsh and changed the lives of whole Jewish population in Europe, without exception or West, even though repressions there were a little bit milder. Holocaust is a tragedy for the whole world. It was such after the WWII, it is such now and it will be exactly such in the future, as it is one of the most horrible and terrifying event throughout the history of mankind.

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