Nazi Conspiracy And The Jewish Conspiracy Essay

Nazi Conspiracy And The Jewish Conspiracy Essay

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Hitler grew obsessed with the idea of the Jewish conspiracy and that obsession propelled him into politics. His desire for revenge on the Jews was his motive for coming into power, and was stronger than the desire to do what was best for his country. Throughout the years following World War 1, Hitler realized he had a knack for public speaking and was a natural in the art of persuasion. He was a determined man and would go to great lengths to get what he desired. He claimed it was his duty to step forward, and that he was born to be a dictator. Adolf once said “Anyone born to be a dictator is not compelled, he wills it!” His speeches at local beer holes brought him great attention and it did not take long for Hitler to gain in popularity. Other countries throughout Europe recognized his talent and predicted to see more of him in the future. They were indeed correct.
In the early 1930’s, Germany was in a depression, and the lingering humiliation of the defeat of World War 1 led to a lack of faith in their democratic government, the Weimar Republic. Desperately seeking a leader to alter Germany’s bleak future, the German people were ready to support someone who had a plan to redeem Germany and lead them into a more prosperous future. These were the perfect conditions for the infamous Adolf Hitler to take advantage of Germany’s hardship to climb his way up in political power. Brainwashing the German people to follow his beliefs was a relatively easy task for Hitler to accomplish due to Germany’s weakened and vulnerable state. Hitler had a keen and sinister insight into mass psychology and had millions of followers at the peak of his reign. Presentation and persuasion were his talents, and his drive to get what he desired accomplis...

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...riences and beliefs molded who Hitler would become. He gave everything he had to achieve these goals. That passion excited the Germans because they longed for a hero to save them from their misery. Germany’s great Führer Hitler, was the face for their angel. The unfortunate result of Hitler’s real agenda devastated the German people and their pride and millions of lives were lost under his rule. This is why everyone must be educated every one of our humanity’s dark past and learn from it. It is imperative to enlighten every one of every class to recognize similarities between the rise of Hitler and or future leaders. Imagine if Hitler had nothing but pure intentions to restore Germany and German pride, and didn’t have any prejudices on the Jews. The 20th century would have had a different course, and the future would have been impacted greatly in a more positive way.

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