Nazi And The Jewish Policy Essay

Nazi And The Jewish Policy Essay

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Nazi “Jewish policy” became genocidal because of Adolf Hitler’s illogical sense of racial superiority, the need to give Germans a scapegoat for their economic crisis and over ambitious plan of a bigger and better Germany. The Holocaust does not seem to be a planned event but poor ideologies that have taken a life of its own in a snowball effect. Some of the significant factors that caused for the persecution of Jews were turning regular German citizens against their Jewish neighbors and the use of la to dehumanize JEWS. Racial superstition was created by perversion of science and carried out through propaganda. Laws were created to systematically weaken Jews economically, mentally and physically. These policies allowed for socially sanctioned discrimination, isolation and finally dehumanization. The major factor of unification of Germany was to find one common enemy to bad together against.
Hitler gave Germans a face to blame for the downfall of the Germany. Jewish people represented large businesses, capitalism and communist revolution all of which were working against the German people. Hitler used media in all forms to plant a seeds of hate, dissatisfaction and narcissism in angry poor and impressionable adults and youth. He convinced that it was the undesirables and Jews, in particular the root of all problems. Once the people had some entity to blame Hitler gave the people a false sense of pride by creating a “Super race”.
Hitler used the eugenics movement and the research of Charles Darwin as justification for his racial obsessions. The “strongest will survive “was popular amongst German scientist and perpetuated the “racial hygiene movement (NAZI GERMANY Richard J Evans pg. 38-39). Eugenics provided a science to ke...

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...sing but much like the enslaved from Africa, where would they go? They were surrounded by strong armed Nazi soldiers. How would they fight in such weakened states they were not eating properly, poor living conditions and subject to hard labor? The strength they had was just enough to survive let alone fight. When the German people looked the other way they created an environment that made it acceptable to be openly horrendous. Whether they believed the rhetoric of a master race or not, passivity was a major factor that allowed atrocities to go unchecked. The large numbers of death whether it be by programs, punishments or convenience and made the people of numb. All though some openly opposed German laws at great expense they soon became hostages of their own country. SYSTEMATIC Laws were the how genocide happened but the passivity of the people is why it happened.

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