Essay about Nazi And National Socialist Campaign Strategies And Propaganda

Essay about Nazi And National Socialist Campaign Strategies And Propaganda

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Nazi or National Socialist campaign strategies and propaganda were very influential in the Nazi’s coming to power. Adolf Hitler targeted the German people with promises of change that he knew that they would want to see happen. Adolf Hitler used publicity to get his parties name out there, as well as their ideas so that voters would know who they were. Through the use of speeches, posters, and different appealing strategies Adolf Hitler was able to make the Nazi party stronger. Adolf Hitler’s strategies led him to become Chancellor. The Nazi party’s percentage of votes to rose from two to thirty-seven percent.
Adolf Hitler’s speeches were one of the Nazi parties’ main campaign strategies. Adolf Hitler was a very influential and powerful speech giver. His speech given at Siemens Dynamo Works in Berlin, Germany on November 10th 1933 he discusses how he felt the Jewish people affect the German people. “They are a small rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other. The Jews, are the only ones who can be addressed as international elements, because they conduct their businesses everywhere, but the people cannot follow them. (Germans) The people are bounded to its soil, bounded to its fatherland” . He is describing his view of the Jewish people. Adolf Hitler felt that the Jewish people only intended to cause havoc, and create panic. He felt they are able to easily sway people’s opinions, and that Germans must resist them because they are bounded to Germany the “fatherland”. This speech took place in 1933 right when Adolf Hitler first entered power, this was before the war and before the holocaust had begun. He was providing the combustible material as described in the Burning House Anal...

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...masses to certain facts” facts that would gain them support for their party. Other pieces of propaganda displayed Jews conspiring with the devil, shoving their religion in everyone else’s faces, and performing ceremonies on Christians .
Through the use of speeches, posters, and different appealing strategies Adolf Hitler was able to make the Nazi party stronger. Adolf Hitler strategy was to only emphasize on existing ideas that were already present about the Jews. He used emotional slogans and appeals but never created his own ideas. Adolf Hitler created a significant increase in the party’s numbers when the percentage voting increased from two to thirty seven percent. This significant increase only took him a few short years to obtain. Without using these campaign strategies and pieces of propaganda the Nazi party wouldn’t have gotten to the point that it reached.

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