Essay on The Nazarite Vow

Essay on The Nazarite Vow

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The Nazarite Vow was a form of covenant the Israelites made with God. According to Strong (1990) the word Nazarite comes from the Hebrew word “naziyr” (naw-zeer) or “Nazir” (nawzeer,), which means, “consecrated or unpruned vine” (p.92). Merriam Webster Dictionary (2012) describes a covenant as “a usually formal, solemn, binding agreement.” This agrees with the definition Merriam Webster (2012) gives for a vow, “a solemn promise by which a person is bound to a service, act, or condition.” This means that the Nazarite Vow was a formal, solemn, binding agreement that was consecrated between the person taking the vow and God. The Nazarite Vow could be taken by a man or a woman and had various dietary, social restrictions as well as temple requirements. As shown in the Old Testament and New Testament, the Nazarite Vow was an important type of covenant God used when someone was called to a specific task for the Kingdom of God.
The book of Numbers gives very specific directions for the man or woman who wants to take a Nazarite Vow. The person taking the vow cannot partake of any part of the
vine such as the grape or anything made from the vine products. The vow affected the person’s every day life. It determined how they wore their hair since they could not cut it during the vow. The vow also prohibited the person from being near the dead. If a person violated this requirement they had to shave their head, offer a sin offering, a burnt offering and a guilt offering. Once this was done the time for consecration, started all over again.
The person undertaking the covenant usually determined the timeframe of the Nazarite Vow. The timeframe could be as short as thirty days and as long as a lifetime. There is more than one...

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... the Old Testament and Three that he still used this as a tool to show this calling and consecration in the New Testament as well. The examples of Samson, John the Baptist and Paul, show us that this was a very important vow in the eyes of God.

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