The Navy's Poor Advancement Process Essay

The Navy's Poor Advancement Process Essay

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Selfishness, overblown sense of worth, and indecisiveness are certain traits that seem to appear more frequently in today’s leadership due to an ineffectual advancement process. The Navy’s advancement process consist of a standardized test, Navy wide rating quotas, and evaluations which may or may not accurately reflect the person’s being. Certain aspects of these rolls and processes need to be changed to more accurately reflect those qualities that are required to be an effective leader in today’s Navy.
One aspect of the advancement process that should be changed is the evaluation program. Navy evaluations are based on several characteristics such as job performance, collateral duties, college courses taken, plus several other items. I want to focus on one specific aspect of this process, the collateral duties. These duties are secondary duties that an individual would volunteer for or would be told to do. The collateral duties can range from being a divisional mail clerk to the command ESWS coordinator. For a lot of people, these duties usually interfere with a person’s primary job, which results in work being handed down to a less fortunate individual. Sometimes these jobs require a person to dedicate up to fifty percent of their day to complete these tasks. Furthermore the process of fulfilling these duties can adversely affect a person’s ability to dedicate time and energy to learn and perfect their primary job. Some people receive better evaluations because they have more collateral duties than another sailor. Does having more of something mean they are better prepared to be a leader? This is one bullet on the evaluation form that needs to be part of the process change.
Along with the collateral duties, anoth...

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...age because the test could be primarily made up of questions from either field of work, hence, putting them at an extreme disadvantage if those questions aren’t from their field.
In conclusion, the ability for sailors to better their career has been taken out of their hands, and relies too much on external entities. Advancement is not based on one’s abilities to excel at his or her job, but by hoping they earn more money for the commands Navy Day Ball, they must have faith that the standardized test will cover their job field, and that the writing ability of their superiors is good enough to keep them competitive. Once these aspects under the advancement criteria are changed, the navy as a whole will start seeing more effective leaders who understands their jobs, understand their people, and more closely reflect the ideals and traits required in today’s leaders.

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