Nature Vs. Nurture : The Monster 's Constant Rejection From Society Essay

Nature Vs. Nurture : The Monster 's Constant Rejection From Society Essay

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American psychologist and well renowned author Jerome Kagan states “Genes and family may determine the foundation of the house, but time and place determine its form.” The topic of nature vs. nurture is highly known to the English literature community and is classified as a major aspect of gothic works. In the novel Frankenstein the author Mary Shelley uses the monster’s constant rejection from society to demonstrate that an individual’s traits are affected more by their environment and their surroundings than by nature.

The theme of nature vs. nurture is highly debated in the field of psychology and is quite a prevalent topic of the novel Frankenstein. Nature vs. nurture is a psychology term related to whether hereditary genes or the environment most impacts the development of human psychology.
Mary Shelly first deals with Victor’s childhood in a supportive household. Victor and his family are identified as exceedingly wealthy and kind hearted. He labels himself as being born “a Genevese” and “wealthy fortunate child” with a family that is “one of the most distinguished of that republic” (Shelley 18). This use of characterization of Victor in such an early stage in the novel is to identify the social and financial stand point of the house he was born into. Victor later explains that his ancestors, for many years, had been “counselors and syndics” (18). He carries on in stating his family with words such as, “honour, wealth,” and “integrity” (18). These strong words are carefully used by Shelley to focus on the structure and provide a description on Frankenstein’s family. Frankenstein’s prestigious history of powerful ancestors directly is correlated with his nature. To be raised on such expectations; to further the success o...

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... direct opposites; making the actions done by both individuals greatly differ in the latter segment of the novel. The use of the wording of how the family is stunned and mortified just by laying upon the sight of the monster’s face truly emphasizes the fear in the family and the true hideousness of the monster. This tragic incident reinforces the creature’s attentiveness of its lack of nurturing environment. As the monster continues with his story, it describes the way Victor’s younger brother William treated it when he first witnessed the monster’s repulsiveness. William screams at the monster, calling it an “ogre” and a “hideous monster” (117). William, a naïve, innocent child, with almost no prejudices, does not accept the monster for what it is and that just shows the same nurturing that Victor got; William got with the same trait of rejection toward the monster.

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