Nature Vs. Nurture : Human Development, Behavior, And Personality Essay

Nature Vs. Nurture : Human Development, Behavior, And Personality Essay

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The debate on whether nature vs nurture impacts human development, behavior, and personality is ongoing. There has been an abundance of contributions to the debate throughout the years. This debate is based on two standpoints. The first standpoint is that human development, behavior, and personality is inherited through a person’s genes. The second standpoint is based on the belief that human development, behavior, and personality is learned through your environmental experiences. It’s often easy to determine where an individual gets their physical features from. You can generally look at their family and see similarities between the individual and their parents. Physical characteristic as well as certain diseases such as eye color, skin pigmentation, Turner’s Syndrome, and Sickle Cell disease are all inherited through genetics. Environmental factors do not contribute to these inherited genes. These facts have led many to question as to whether psychological characteristics such as behavioral tendencies, personality attributes and mental abilities are also “wired in” before we are even born. (McLeod 2007)
On the nature side of the debate are those who emphasize the influence of heredity, universal maturational processes guided by the genes, biologically based or innate predispositions produced by evolution, and biological hormones and neurotransmitters. (Sigelman and Rider 2014) Individuals who support the nature theory believe that the genes passed on from the parents to the child dictates the path in which they will grow and learn. On the nurture side of the debate are those who emphasize change in response to environment. All the external physical and social conditions, stimuli, and events that can affect us. (Sigelman and Rid...

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...vs. nurture in child development. (Richman 2007) The birth parents and children did not know the real subject of the study. The twins were separated at birth, and were not reunited until 35 years later. “Since meeting Elyse, it is undeniable that genetics play a huge role, probably more than 50 percent," Bernstein says. “It’s not just our taste in music or books; it goes beyond that. In her, I see the same basic personality. And yet, eventually we had to realize that we 're different people with different life histories." (Richman 2007)
I believe that the genes that we inherit contribute to who we are and how we respond to environmental factors. I also believe that environmental factors shape who we are as well. Both nature and nurture shape human development. An individual’s behavior and personality can be attributed to their genetics as well as their experiences.

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