Nature vs Nurture: Genetics vs Environment Essay

Nature vs Nurture: Genetics vs Environment Essay

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Do you know how much your personality is the result of your genetic makeup, and how much is the result of the environment? The "nature-nurture" question is one of the oldest issues in psychology. This question is applicable to identical twins. They are the same age, same-sex, have the same genes, live in the same house, share same stuff, given identical presents, so in other words, they share the same environment from birth. The researcher tends to know if identical twins really share the same personality.

In Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, each person is an integrated whole, striving to future goals, and attempting to find meaning in life while working harmoniously with others. There are four areas of individual psychology, the Family Constellation or the position of an individual in a family as regards birth order among siblings, gender and age, presence or absence of parents. The second area of individual psychology is the Early Recollections which is the reconstructing memories that produce clues for understanding person's style of life. It is always consistent that produce clues for understanding both final goal present style of life. The third area is Dreams, for Adler, it is providing clues for problem. Lastly, the fourth area is the Psychotherapy. Adlerian's psychotherapy's purpose is to enhance courage, lessen feeling of inferiority and encourage social interest.

Another theory that the research related is the Analytical theory of Carl Gustav Jung. According to this theory, the occult phenomena can and do influence the lives of everyone. The analytical view of the individuals is basically people are motivated by archetypes that are inherited from ancestors that form a collective unconscious. It is the rese...

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...l is traits that are less pervasive but still quite generalized disposition and lastly Secondary is traits that are more specific and narrow dispositions.
Lastly Hans Eysenck’s biological theory also associated this research. This theory is more focused on physiology and genetics. Eysenck considers personality differences as growing out of genetic inheritance. In this theory, there are three (3) basic personality dimensions. They are the extraversion-introversion (Quiet people vs. Out-goers), neuroticism (dimension that ranges from normal, fairly calm, and collected people to one’s that tend to be quite nervous) and psychotism ( high psychotism does not mean that a person is psychotic, the individual only exhibit some qualities commonly found among psychotics).

Works Cited , Personality Psychology by dr. roxel apruebo, Personality by jerry m. burger

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