Essay about Nature Vs. Nurture Conflict

Essay about Nature Vs. Nurture Conflict

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The human mind is an endless, vast field scientists have explored for years and will continue to explore for centuries to come. This complex machine has interested people for years, and has indeed sparked many controversies. One of which happens to be the nature vs. nurture conflict, which argues whether a specific behavior in a human is passed from generation to generation via genetics, or rather taken in over the course of the person’s life. The nature take on things believes in heredity, predisposition, and instinct forming human behaviors. The converse argument, nurture, argues that one’s behavior is based solely on the environments surrounding the specimen, and looks at every facet of one’s environment, from the food they eat to the people they associate with. Human behavior can be directly related to this question of genetics versus environment, and it is seen every day. People argue whether or not it’s hereditary to be born with certain personality traits, or if someone’s personality is based solely on their life experiences alone. This argument is essential for any further knowledge to be gained about the human mind and the human experience as a whole, because with no disagreement, there is no discovery.

Human personality is a complex, deep, insanely complicated behavior of the mind, which is defined as “Individual differences among people in behavioural patterns, cognition, and emotion.” This means that everyone’s personality must differ in at least some way, and is the basis of the person’s life, at least from a mental point of view. This is a part of the mind that can help to explain or illustrate humankind’s effect on the world.

Humanity has been shaped by personality. Charismatic leaders like Adolf Hitler have u...

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... bad breakup or traumatic event, this can scar their mind and lead them to mistrust people later in life, or even lead to further issues of mental health and issues with relationships.

The argument of nature versus nurture is not widely argued about in the psychological world of personality and personality development, however I believe that the matter is mostly of nurture, with only the most basic aspects of personality being defined through nature. Genes can only provide so much for someone when it comes to who you are as a person, and your environment proves to be a much stronger influence on personality, especially as you age. Personality is a very strong influence on people and societies as a whole, and has been since the beginning of time; and I think that the development of personality is just as diverse as the ever evolving world it works so hard to change.

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