Nature Vs Nurture : Children And Young People 's ( Cyp ) Development And Behavior

Nature Vs Nurture : Children And Young People 's ( Cyp ) Development And Behavior

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Child psychology is a scientific approach in study centred on children and young people’s (CYP) development and behaviour from birth to adolescents, Focusing on why, when and how CYP develop the way they do. Studies are often divided into sections under physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, concentrating on familiar changes in development and behaviour and how it is shaped by internal and external influences. Studies within this discipline focus on childhood because this time is when most changes happen.
The Nature (genetic) vs Nurture (environment) is continuous debate between CP .However it does play important role in child development, but how much is because of nature or due to nurture is unclear. Psychologist Francis Galton, coined the terms nature versus nurture. Galton believed intelligence was innate,he even went as far as suggesting that society should encourage intellectual individuals to procreate and less intellectual members of society should not.Most studies on nature vs nurture debate have been conducted on twins and also the feral children,seeking ...
Both experimental and non-experimental research can make use of observations and interviews as a way of measuring responses.

 Lab controlled
quick to conduct which means that many observations can take place within a short amount of time.

When participants know they are being watched they may act differently.

Natural  observation 
observe participants in real-world settings
 View behaviour as it really happens
 in a natural setting 

Cannot control outside variables
 that might impact behaviour.

  carried out at one time point or over a sho...

... middle of paper ...

...l difficulties, giving advice and stragies to learners , parents and staff to enhance learning. Clinical psychologist support CYP dealing with array of mental and physical health problems such as addiction, depression, anxiety, bullying, eating disorders and bereavement. Assessments can lead to advice, counselling or therapy. They usually work within health and social care setting such as hospitals, child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and social services.  

When carrying out research all ethnic must be addressed. Ethics refers to the correct rules of conduct. This is necessary as researcher have a moral duty of care in being responsible to protect CYP from harm, respecting their rights, their dignity and having consent from parents or guardians. This means that they must abide by moral principles and rules of conduct. British Psychological Society

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