Nature Vs. Harms On The Genders Essay

Nature Vs. Harms On The Genders Essay

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Nature vs Nurtures Impact on the Genders
The Nature–Nurture Debates: 25 Years of Challenges in Understanding the Psychology of Gender; written by Alice H. Eagly, and Wendy Wood: examines the combative psychological debate of Nature–nurture debates, undeterred by scientific data supporting gender explanations are a contributing factor (Eagly, & Wood, 2013). A vital aspect of nature vs nurture synergy, includes the fact that the functionality of a gene is not simply a trait that is passed as an inherent entity, with a predetermined force. Individuals inherent genes are profoundly impacted by both lessons and environment (Eagly, & Wood, 2013). Moreover, genes that are unique to each gender are not necessarily absent in both genders, however, are culturally nurtured, thus, focusing on the trait without considering the cultural nurturing, or lessons, in addition to the environment in which each individual is influenced. Conversely, there are genetics that each gender will possess, this is the nature of the equation in determining an individual’s behavior, therefore, the nurture would equate to environment and how the individual traits are nurtured, e.g.; a female raised as the middle child in a family of 5 male siblings is far more likely to have more masculine traits nurtured; such as being a risk taker more so than her peers. At the same time, this female with be impacted by peers, this environment will nurture her classically feminine traits. Accordingly, it is vital to equate the both nature and nurture as they work in tandem on a molecular level; influencing complex brain function and maintaining plasticity of the brain. Furthermore, each individual may have earned certain traits, it is the lessons that we learn that impact...

... middle of paper ... both negative and positive emotions, accepting the pain while working through it, consequently, avoiding denial or defensive reactions (Kass, J. D. 2015). Existential living: experiencing events in their lives as they occur, without judgement or preconceived notions, looking back for reflections while striving for her future (Kass, J. D. 2015). Trusting feelings: it is our gut-reaction that can guide us in coping with visceral feelings, and how to handle them (Kass, J. D. 2015). Creativity: taking risks and adapting to a creative thinking process will allow an individual to adjust to changes and explore new encounters (Kass, J. D. 2015). Fulfilled life: a self-actualized individual is satisfied with their life, happiness is prevalent these individuals seek new encounters and challenges expanding their horizons both professionally and personally (Kass, J. D. 2015).

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