Essay on The Nature Of Women And The Science Of Men

Essay on The Nature Of Women And The Science Of Men

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The Nature of Women and the Science of Men
Dark romanticism is a sub-genre of gothic literature. It is a genre of writing that focuses on exciting fear, focuses on human fallibility, and portrays nature as a force greater than any man could imagine. One of the most famous writers of dark romanticism is Nathaniel Hawthorne. However, Nathaniel Hawthorne 's writings are much more than simple stories from the dark romantic period. Hawthorne 's short stories "The Birthmark", and "Rappachini 's Daughter" are stories that depict man’s arrogance, their pursuit of perfection through science, and how in the end nature triumphs over man. Both "the Birthmark" and "Rappachinnis Daughter" share a similar storyline and similar characters. In "the Birthmark" newlyweds Alamer, a man of science, and his wife Georgiana live a simple life. That is until Alamer notices a small handprint birthmark on his wife 's cheek. Alamer talks Georgiana into letting him use science to remove the birthmark. In "Rappachinis daughter" a young man of science named Giovanni discovers a garden next to his apartment. He later learns that the garden is owned by a scientist named Rappichini, who deals with poisons, and the scientist’s daughter, Beatrice. Giovanni and Beatrice begin a relationship, however it is short lived as Giovanni finds out that Beatrice has become poison herself from living with the poisonous plants in her father’s garden. Giovanni and Alamers ' stories end in similar fashion when both men try to fix the only flaws in their lovers. Although these stories plots vary slightly, they have more similarities than one might think, and they both convey the same messages and warnings. Throughout the stories both women are portrayed as perfect in their physica...

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... them. When Giovanni delivers to her the vial of antidote she is eager to take it so that they can be together, "Give it me!" "I will drink--but do thou await the result." (Rappaccini). Beatrice is shown through the story to have a kind and good hearted nature, be very feminine and in the end she, just like Georgiana, wants to please her lover. She is very eager to rid herself of her poison even though it had not caused her troubles before, for the sake of Giovanni. She is seen as again a passive and submissive woman just like Georgiana. In both stories the men wish to change the women they love to fit their own pallets by using science as a tool. They eventually use science to try to attain perfection, and they do so without thought of the consequences that might come upon the ones they love. And the women are more than happy to oblige to keep their lovers content.

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