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The Nature Of The Zoo Essay

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The zoo is the place to see some of the most dangerous predators, majestic birds, skittish herbivores, and the sheer beauty of the animal kingdom and some of the deadliest snakes in the world just on the other side of a glass or just observed from a couple yards away. People say that the animals should be freed and sent back to their natural habitats. Others say that these animals should stay there because they are protected from poaching, bring the numbers back from endangered species, getting good nutrients from the foods they eat there. However that is not the truth of what happens when the gates are closed to the public, or what goes on behind the scenes.
In the introduction of this argument I start by connecting with the reader by showing them what types of animals that they might see there (Pathos). I also give a little of the posing side of the argument. I then softly counter the other side.
The animals get stuffed in to small corridors where they can barely move around in. There is an act that has a range of cage sizes that are required for all zoos to fallow but these zoos will pick the smallest cage sizes because the act says that the animals must be able to make normal postural have enough freedom to move around, and interact with the same species of animals. The act also has some ways that can be wrong, that is by the animals are feeling stressed in poor conditions (like cleanliness, etc.) Which brings me to my next point about the animals having these feeling that they would not encounter that much in the wild.
The paragraph that was just read has some logos and pathos. How I establish logos is there are parts of the paragraph were I use pieces of the Animal Welfare Act. There is also pathos in this paragraph showing...

... middle of paper ...

... chances of animals being back into the wild.
Most zoos treat their animals with respect and actually care for them, but there are those that will do anything to make a quick dollar than to take care of animals. We have the choice to stop these zoos from hurting, killing and treating these animals bad. We need to stand with a sure agreement that these animals that are being taken care of just as well as we need to take care of our own people and not leave them to die.
In the conclusion I make my final stand on what we need to do stop what is going on to these animals. I use a very powerful comparison about how we should stand up for the animals like we should for our own people in the world which creates pathos, and I tried to sum it all up to get the reader to wonder about how we need to treat one another and the other species that we share our great planet with.

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