Essay about The Nature Of The And The Cosmic Laws

Essay about The Nature Of The And The Cosmic Laws

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Despite the fact that refinement of Terrestrial Humans Morality, which is direct derivation of the Religious Principle, was existing for thousand years, on the basis of satiations with brutality and conflicts, the wars on different scales and intensity are raging everywhere in Mental and Physical realms. At first glimpse, the current status of affairs observation might deceive the rationale and prompt the idea that Cultivation of Moral on the Principles of Judeo-Christian religiousness & civilisation is unreachable goal and ‘erroneous’, and that modern world should seek for an alternative. However, the passage through ‘Mental Armageddon’ with apparently dystopian Physical Reality Effects on Terrestrial Men Life, is inevitable temporary ‘era’ representing the culmination of Selfishness and consequent Suffering. The ‘unbearable’ first hand Experiences will force Transitional Humans to revise personal worldviews, revered derailments’, the erroneous ways of Being, and gradually transform mentality and Moral prescripts to be in alignment with Life and the Cosmic Laws. Cultivation of Moral through parallel processes of Humanization of Intelligence and Intellectualization of Feelings will set the stage not for a fictitious, but genuine Culture of Peace and Impartial Love in not remote in time future.
Therefore, the only way to honor the change in progress is to ‘recognize’ & accept the fact that ALL LIVING BEINGS ATTEND THE ‘SCHOOL OF LIFE’ and gradually advance ‘forward’ and ‘upward’. Cosmic Education Breakdown an Analyst could metaphorically describe in the following way: Cluster Beings Composing Minerals are newborn, Plants are already in a ‘kindergarten’, and Animals in ‘elementary school’, while Terrestrial Hu...

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...E UNIVERSE. Basically, polishing of Moral, as Vital Constituent of Human Consciousness, in daily life is gradual acquisition of Knowledge founded on Experience and not on belief. The Immediate Cosmic Goal IS HUMANIZATION OF OWN INTELLIGENCE & INTELLECTUALIZATION OF OWN FEELING at the highest harmony level, and such Attained HARMONY OPENS THE GATEWAY for INTUITION.
Throughout his work Martinus shows, emphasizes & proves that IT PAYS TO BE GOOD & LOVING: “Blessed are Logical Ones”... “Nothing can disturb the Peace in Their Hearts…” Advanced Terrestrial Human Being should never be tired of inner rehearsing of the Cosmic Truth that The Logic of The Eternal World Plane, The Essence of Existence Is LOVE. In fact, “…’the only needful thing’ in our Earthly Life and is equally valid for an individual, society and governments are LOVE.” (Quotes from book ‘Logic’, chapter #15)

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