The Nature Of Teacher And Learner Interactions Essay

The Nature Of Teacher And Learner Interactions Essay

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The nature of teacher and learner interactions of this approach stems from the foundation that every person teaches one another and that everything in life teaches. The formal teacher of the educational event is the facilitator of knowledge and conversation, yet is not the only authority on the topic. Everyone carries knowledge and can learn from one another through sharing authority. As Halverson states, “teachers dealing with youth and adults need to be clarifiers of the faith, lifting up dilemmas, encouraging thought, and being open to many viewpoints” (31). Rather than having a hierarchical and set method of teaching, this approach to conveying a message opens conversation and allows people to feel validated and supported. The learner is more important than the content.
The passion of this approach stems from a deep belief that faith teachings need to be relatable and applicable to human life. There is a yearning to discover the sacred and develop a relationship with the sacred mystery. Passion arises to embody one’s faith and values in order to be a model for others. People are moved by their experiences in the world and attempt to comprehend the meaning. Religious education is one way to understand the interconnectedness of human beings, creation, and the Divine. We are aware of the wounds of the world and the overwhelming feeling of caring for creation. There is a passion to explore these issues and attempt to mend broken relationships.
The limitations or dangers of this approach vary due to the application of the approach. Some vulnerabilities to be aware of include relying too heavily on the teacher, being closed or intolerant, and can be overwhelming and disempowering for participants. A more individualized approach ...

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...ieve that my reaction to the rumblings of discontent embodies some aspects of my theory and approach to religious education. I strive to be receptive to the issues and interests on the youth, though much of this is not directly vocalized, through observation. As a type a person, I would like to be able to make a plan and stick to it in relation to teaching the youth. Yet I must remember that I am working with youth in order to support, guide, and empower them in their journey of faith. As stated before, I am to be adaptive and place the youth and their needs over my desire to complete a plan. Due to the belief in mutual interconnectedness, I felt as though it was an immediate need for us to address the negativity and lack of communal identity. I want each person to know they are a part of the faith community and that there is a need for mending that leads to growth.

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