The Nature Of Political Polling Essay

The Nature Of Political Polling Essay

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My fourth topic should be familiar with majority of Americans because this method is prevalently used in American politics. The question that is posed in this topic is, discuss the nature of political polling. Be sure to discuss terms such as random sample and margin of error. What should the public look for in determining whether a poll is accurate? Political polling is a very primal methods that candidate utilize to see where they stand with the American public. Around election time weather local or national one would notice several polls being conducted and evaluated. Political polls usually give us Americans a preview of who would most likely win the election; conversely, political polls can be incorrect as well so it definitely can deceive us. With every poll there is something call margin of error. state that margin of error is an “Analytical technique that accounts for the number of acceptable errors in an experiment. The margin of error is put into place so that an individual can review results and then determine the level of accuracy of the experiment by taking this + or - margin of error into consideration. A smaller margin of error indicates trustworthy results and a larger margin of error means the results are not considered as accurate.” If a poll does not have a margin of error associated with it, the poll would not be a credible source of information and should not be used to validate someone because there is no proof that the poll is accurate. So if one is watching the news and a poll comes in, not only that poll should be considered but the margin of error should be considered as well. Political polls have different types of ways of being conducted including but limited to random samplin...

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...from the Constitution. Based on the major role the Constitution gives the president in foreign policy (that is, the authority to negotiate treaties and to appoint and receive ambassadors), President George Washington declared that the United States would remain neutral in the 1793 war between France and Great Britain. To conduct foreign policy, presidents also have signed executive agreements with other countries that do not require Senate action. The Supreme Court ruled that these agreements are within the inherent powers of the president.” Inherent powers are very important to a president. Overall I think the president does not have enough power to get his agenda accomplished because majority of his decision must be approved by the Senate or Congress. If the Congress or the Senate disagrees with his recommendations there is little or nothing the president can do.

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