Essay on The Nature, Causes, And Prevention Of Criminal Behavior

Essay on The Nature, Causes, And Prevention Of Criminal Behavior

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Criminology is the scientific study of the nature, causes , and prevention of criminal behavior both on the individual and social levels. From study of crime several schools of thoughts were created. From these schools emerged the rational choice theory and the strain theory.The rational choice theory suggests that people choose to commit crime after weighing the pros and cons. While strain theory suggests that people have similar ideas and goal.However not everyone have the opportunities so turn to crime. While both have several difference they have the same central concept. They both implies that we choose to act on their own free will and for their own self-interest.
Gary Becker was a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago. He was an well-respected and powerful figure in sociology. He was awarded a Nobel Memorial Prize as well as a Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is credited as making the rational choice theory as widespread as it is. The Rational Choice Theory implies that humans make decisions based on their rational thinking. Even acts such as committing a crime is rationalized. Believing that committing crime is the only way to gain what they seek people deem the crime is necessary. Once deem necessary criminals compare the the results. They eventually feel like the risks is worth the rewards. These people feel that they can not gain what they want by legal means. They use crime as a shortcut to gain what they want faster. Not only is this theory used to explain why people commit crime. It also explains why people choose not to. While almost everyone have thought of committing not all have actually done it. Once people realize that going to jail from getting caught is a possibility they immediately deter f...

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...ople will be less likely to commit crimes.Knowing this should allow us to reduces the rate of crime everywhere. This newfound understanding should also benefit the police and justice system too. They now know where to look in a sense.
During the writing of this essay I learned that we as humans are our own worst enemy. We created the concept of the “American Dream” to encourage hard work , but we don’t allow those who are willing to work chances. Our society is based of money. Not skills or knowledge we have acquired. Those with money are allow privileges that lower class are unable to receive. Those few with these privileges feel superior to other to the point that they created the social class. I have learned that money is the reason for crime and the ‘American Dream”. Without the need to fulfill the self serving dream or your pockets people will live in unison.

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