The Nature Body Fat It Will Eventually Start Causing A Negative Impact On The Child 's Health

The Nature Body Fat It Will Eventually Start Causing A Negative Impact On The Child 's Health

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The nature body fat it will eventually start causing a negative impact in the child’s health. Having overweight problems is associated with health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and there can be a risk of depression. Children are becoming more focused on eating more sugar foods and eating for fast foods in the child diet. When a child reaches roughly about 20% in excess body wight of what the child should normally weight at their age group and height they are consider obese. Excess body weight is measured in body mass index test referred to as the BMI test. This test can examine the individuals height and weight and the test will tell you what the person’s body weight should be for that age and height. Child obesity is the result of eating to many calories and not getting enough exercise to burn the calories off. Child obesity occurs when a child is above his or her’s normal weight for their age and hight group. Obesity is the abnormal or excessive amount of fat in the adipose tissue area to the extent the child’s health may be at risk. Obesity is a major concern in todays’s society and it can badly affect the child’s overall life. I plan to use information from health care resources, government data, statistics, and from health care to prove child obesity is a problem. the problems that need to be addressed are what causes obesity, what medical problems are associated with obesity, what children are eating and drinking that make them obese, how it affects the child, and how child obesity can be prevented or reduced. Child obesity is a result of unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, genetics and hereditary factors.

The root causes of obesity in childhoods. Children are overweight for a variety of ...

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...t are obese when they eat fruits or vegetables the child found out that they did not life the taste of many healthy foods. Parents and care givers should be guided in the right direction on the correct amount of foods, healthy eating habits, and necessary exercising activities that will prevent obesity. “Children did not feel it was their role to be interested in health and felt that the health benefits of fruits and vegetables were exaggerated or irrelevant”. In conclusion childhood obesity is a result of three main problems dietary, sedentary lifestyle, genetics, and hereditary problems. This is a problem that they parents are capable of preventing obesity in the child but the parents are not fully responsible for childhood obesity. Parents and care givers should be interested in the growth and development of the child in order to prevent them from becoming obese.

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