Nature And Sensitivity Of The Professional Practice Essay

Nature And Sensitivity Of The Professional Practice Essay

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All of the aforementioned ethical issues presented in this paper can be associated to the nature and sensitivity of the professional practice. However, what kind of ethical issue can emerge in a counseling group that is interrelated to a diversity factor that consist of a significant component of identity for many clients? (Cornish, Wade, Tucker and Post, 2014, p. 578). The answer to the aforesaid question is religion or spirituality. Unfortunately, little attention has been paid to religion/spirituality benefits in the framework of group counseling, particularly process-oriented, no- themed groups with diverse participation (Cornish et al., 2014, p. 578).
According to Cornish et al., (2014), “A significant ethical consideration for group counselors is balancing the two components of beneficence and nonmaleficence” (p. 590). This denote the ethical criticism that group leaders and counselors may face when deciding in helping those with whom they work (beneficence) and to do no harm (nonmaleficence) can take a complex form in a group counseling setting (Cornish et al., 2014, p. 570). The complex ethical dilemma present itself when doing morally was right for one client might cause detriment to another client in the group or to the group as a whole (Cornish et al., 2014).
Under those circumstances, a knowledgeable and skillful group leader and the counselor will implement the most ethically sound solution to avoid causing detriment to one or more group participant. Frequently, the reasoning of not causing damage becomes a priority (Cornish et al., 2014). For that reason, the integration of religion or spirituality interventions that are likely to cause harm to other group members will be eluded. While, this may be considered a j...

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...t the client’s right to privacy. Another ethical responsibility, is for counselors to become culturally competent. Therefore, counselors must discover their cultural individualities and how these have an emotional impact on their values about the counseling process.
In conclusion, it is important to understand that no particular ethical decision-making approach is always most efficacious, so counselors are anticipated to practice a sound judgment when making decisions that can stand the social scrutiny of its application (American Counseling Association, 2014). Group counselors’ unbiased character allows them to examine the unethical situations encounter during group sessions. It also allows the counselors to work collaboratively with the group to make choices that encourage clients’ development and lower the chances of possible premature cancelation of treatment.

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