Essay about The Nature and Consequence of Sin

Essay about The Nature and Consequence of Sin

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In the beginning there was man and there was simplicity. With the ending of that simplicity came sin. Sin can be defined as a “transgression against God’s will” (Knight, 2009) and the first documented transgression against God was Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3:6. (Tyndale, 2005) The short comings of Adam and Eve began a world wind of sin as discussed in Genesis chapters 3-11
After God made man (Adam) He put him into a deep slumber and removed from a rib from his body and made Eve. Their lives began honest and sin free within the Garden of Eden. They violated the laws of God when they ate from the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree. They “transgressed” away from God. This first ever act of sin by Adam and Eve led to many other deceits.
From Adam and Eve come Cain and Abel. Cain’s jealousy of his brother led to his sin in killing his brother Abel. His transgression from God led him to be the first murderer in the history of man. Because of his actions Cain was punished by God and banished from his land. He became a wanderer and came into the land of ...

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