Natural Selection Is Not Fast Essay

Natural Selection Is Not Fast Essay

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1. The way in which the process of learning is the result of Natural Selection is by the way we learn on how to live our life and to survive to be able to make offspring. Our book says that “those of their offspring that share their parents ' advantage will also tend to survive and reproduce” (Chance,2014). There is also the example in the book of Gregor Mendel in which he did the experiement with the peas and with natural selection he was able to have a garden full of peas. And last there is the experiment of the birds with different shapes of beak Charles Darwin said that "it is very remarkable that a nearly perfect gradation of structure in this one group can be traced in the form of the beak, from one exceeding in dimensions that of the largest gros-beak, to another differing but little from that of a warbler" (2015, Kleindorfer).
Natural Selection is not fast enough to save us from some of the environmental problems that we are facing today for example disease, wars, and poberty some examples that would not let a person live a longer life. Also “the living planet report calculates that humans are using 30% more resources than the Earth can replenish each year, which is leading to deforestation, degraded soils, polluted air and water, and dramatic declines in numbers of fish and other species” (2008,Jowit). According to our book reflex “is a relationship between a specific event and a simple response to that event” (Chance,2014) and another reflex that would help humans to relate to one another harmoniously is modal action patterns this reflex is a thoughtful thought and that should always be consider because a person should always think before talking back to another person how is the person going to respond f...

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...e able to think clearly about his or her problems and be as accurate as possible and insight is not one of them.
Three ways that operant conditioning has changed my personal views of human nature is that before I used to think that everyone had to be like me like their reactions to different problem had to be like mine and that cannot be like that I used to get in so many arguments with people over that. Also I used to complain about everything that was wrong with any employee and I learn that those people that I complain about could have gotten fired because of me. And last is before I used to be a quite person very reserve and everytime I used to think that everyone did not like me and because of that I never had any friends and now I do not think the same because since I did not have any friends I realize and learn that I had to change my own behavior.

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