Natural Rights Of Man And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

Natural Rights Of Man And The Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Natural Rights of Man and the Declaration of Independence
John Locke’s philosophical teachings and especially his book, Second Treatise on Government, has influenced many powerful individuals. He believed that all a born with a blank slate and then develop reason. According to Locke, the state of nature is a state all men are naturally in and it is a state where men are free without being depended on others. It is a state where “men [are] living together according to reason without a common superior on Earth, with authority to judge between them” (Locke Section 19).They can live using their instincts. It is a state where there is equality and no one is above another. Throughout the book, Locke showed how important the state of Nature was and how important that the equality found in the state of Nature be preserved no matter what. This was important for Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the Declaration of Independence using these principles.
In the state of nature, no one is allowed to harm anyone’s life, liberty, and property. Locke also believes that everyone is born with all the same advantages of Nature. It is part of the Law of nature which states that no one has the right to hurt himself or others (Locke Section 5). Every man is considered to have a purpose and are a property of God and therefore have no right to take away their own life. The state of nature is also distinctly different from the state of war, Locke says because the state of war is a state of enmity and destruction where a man who exposes his life to another’s power for it to be taken away from him. It violates the fundamental law of nature that says that man should be preserved as much as possible and that when all else fails, to prefer the safety of the innocen...

... middle of paper ... and why it was necessary for the people to separate from the British government.
The state of nature is what life is considered to before government and law and it is where all the inhabitants are equal. The reason why government was created was to secure the protection of the rights of men. Thus the government works its proper purpose only when it works for the good of the people and that is determined by the people. A proper government is a government led by the people so that no one is above the law. An absolute ruler breaks this rule as he considers himself answerable only to God and the government does not work for the good of the people anymore. In circumstances dire enough where the government does not help the people, the people have a right to revolt and as a result find a new way to preserve the rights of man and its equality and secure those rights.

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