Natural Resources And Environmental Features Essay

Natural Resources And Environmental Features Essay

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Natural Resources and Environmental Features

The environment has been a very important aspect when it comes to power. The natural resources you can find in our environment have been used to advance and secure political, economic and social power. Most of the issues relating to our environmental features are climate change. Climate change is a factor of any power, but mostly socially. Climate change has brought together numerous countries to make a plan of action and to act on it. The control of water usage was another factor that lead to power. Another form of power from the environment was taking natural resources to create energy. Specifically, the production of oil lead to many political advances for the workers, and the companies themselves. It is also interesting to see how our world has switched energy sources and why they have based on what the environment holds available. However, being able to use these natural resources and take advantage of environmental features is what gave countries, governments, and their leaders such great power.
Climate change has been a big factor in countries either gaining or losing power. Climate change is said to be affecting our world tremendously today. Arif Ahmed Khan said, “mainstreaming climate change into policymaking and development activities is vital to dealing with the various development and climate change issues in the country”. This is important because policymaking is only a small part of political power. This helps governments change laws by making new policies. The tremendous impacts of the climate changing have made an urgent need for action to be done to fix it. The main factor needed to help slow down and stop unnecessary climate changes is funding. Poor countries that...

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...f for economic gain resulting in political power also.
Natural resources and environmental features have had major impacts on social, economic, and political power. The use of the environment and its natural resources have lead to help form governance and new policies, whether it was a small impact of bringing countries together or a major impact that greatly influenced the democratic centralized governments. Almost anything that is related to the environment has contributed to such power, like something ‘small’ like climate change issues, or natural resources used as energy, and the usage of water to gain power. While power is derived from the environment it also contributed to major conflicts, such as countries fighting about the power over a natural resource because they know it would give them political, social and even economic power over other countries.

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