The Natural Law Party of the United State of America

The Natural Law Party of the United State of America

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The Natural Law Party of the United State of America
The Natural Law Party was formed April 1992 in the United State of America. It was set up by a group of educators, business leaders, and lawyers in Fairfield, Iowa who practiced Transcendental Meditation, and it led by John Hagelin who is the presidential candidate and kingsley Brooks who is the chairman of this party since 1994. It is the third party which is largely center-left in ideology. The main aim of the party is to “bring the light of science into politics.” This party purposes to bring the field-tested solutions to America’s problems, which have already existed and are ignored, to the government with its member’s knowledge.
The history about the Natural Law Party is started from 1992, and it is getting increase on support from the public. In 1992, the Party was founded, and it qualified for the ballot in 32 states, fielded 128 candidates. Moreover, it was a party to be granted “national party” status by the Federal Election Commission after the Republicans and Democrats in the same year. Also, it has its presidential candidate, Dr. John Hagelin. In the next year, Dr. Hagelin and his running mate, Dr. Mike Tompkins, worked on Capitol Hill received a strong support from the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties when they introduced language into health care legislation can support the funding for proven prevention-oriented health care programs. In the following year, the party had gained more support in the 1994 election. It got 20% more vote than in 992. In 1995, the support for the party was increase. In California, the party gained the ballot access over 100,000 new members and in Ohio with 55,000 signatures, so the party became the national spotlight. In the election of the next year, the party gained a highly visible, powerful leadership role in U.S. Politics. The support of the Natural Law Party was increasing continually. It qualified for the ballot in 48 states and ran 400 candidates for federal, state, and local offices. In 1998, the Party got a new try. It promoted the public education of preventive health care nationwide with other national organizations. In 1998, more votes are received. The candidates of the party received 1.2 million votes nationwide in 24 states.

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In 1999, the party reminds the problems on the hazards of genetically engineered foods, drawing hundreds of participants and extensive media coverage to the government and got the national summits. The Party got the highest votes in 2000 since 1992, and it was the conformation of the party’s working. Today, the Natural Law Party is improving itself; it is introducing new ideas, new principles, and new solutions. In addition, it is trying to get more support and confirmation from the national citizen.
The Natural Law Party has several platforms. The special platform is the party took liberal positions on abortion. The party explains that the education is more important than the legislation on reducing the abortion. Because legislate morality is so difficult to show in the legislation and legislation to control abortion will lead to illegal abortion, the education on abortion is more useful than legislation. Moreover, the choice of abortion is controlled by the mother, family, and the doctor, but not the Federal Government because they are the people who affect most. Also, it suggests that the funding of abortion should shift from public to private charity because it is more helpful for the woman who cannot afford making abortion. The Natural Law prefers to prevent the abortion more than using legislation to control it. In addition, the Natural Law Party believes that every living species have equal rights, so same as the Green Party, the Natural Law Party also agree for the gay rights. Democracy limited by the man-make law, so based on the universally nourishing quality of natural law, everyone should have their liberty. The Natural Law party also cares about the family value. It suggests supporting permanent establishment of coherence for creating groups on the national, state, and local levels to dissolve communitywide tension and negativity because the stress affect the parents cannot look after well their children. In addition, the Natural Law Party focus on the education since the good education can solve many social problems. It explains that the education in America now is not work. Many students drop out form high school to be the work force, and the drug and alcohol abuse also affect the students to accept the education. Therefore, it suggests an education program which increase intelligence and creativity and simultaneously improves moral reasoning, self-reliance, and mental and physical health and well-being. This program covers the dissemination of knowledge and the consciousness or intelligence of the student, so the student can have an overall and useful education in school. In the same time, the Natural Law party also supports fully fund the Head Start program, to give all eligible children an opportunity to excel from an early age, provide financial support for every student who wants to go to college, establish higher national standards and the practical means to achieve them, lengthen the school year and increase the number of required subjects in high schools, as recommended by the 1984 National Commission on Excellence in Education, establish community centers of knowledge where parents can receive the latest understanding of health and nutrition for their children, increase the nutritional value of school lunches, add computer support to the National Literacy Act of 1991, to provide research and help implement computer-aided instruction, including Internet instruction, in literacy programs, create national apprenticeship programs by bringing together business, labor, and educational leaders to develop a system that offers training in a valuable skill for students who are not college bound, and establish ties with teachers’ organizations, schools, and community interest groups to develop policies and programs that upgrade the status and skills of teachers. The Natural Law Party also suggests having a deeply low tax rate such as without adding to the deficit or cutting essential services. It is a solution for the crime, spiraling health costs, and other costly social problems. In the health platform, the party suggests a prevention-oriented health programs to reduce disease and promote the health and vitality of all Americans. America is using a “disease care” system. It focuses on the management of illnesses, rather than on the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, so it will be used more money because a recent research shows that at least 50% of deaths and 70% of disease in America are self-inflicted. However, the most principle of disease is preventable, so the government can spend less than 1 % of the health sector budget on prevention. On the crime platform, since American government spends a lot of money on crime, but the crime rate still higher than other developed countries, the party prefers to prevent the crime with the psychological and physiological devastation wrought by constant, traumatic stress since stress can lead to the people do the illegal staff easier. Since these, the party proposes to reduce social stress, effective prison rehabilitation, improve the community policing, improve the overcrowded in the urban, do the drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and prevent the youth crime.
For me, I agree the Natural Law Party with the abortion, human rights and education. In the abortion, the right of abortion should be controlled on the mother, family and doctor, so the useful method is education, and the legislation just increase illegal abortion. Education is much useful than legislation in prevent abortion. Moreover, the human should have their rights, everyone also have to respect others rights. Last but not the lease, the education is the good solution for many social problems, such as crime, abortion. Education can help the student learn more and distinguish between right and wrong. It seems the good way to help the people do the right thing.
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